Thursday, 19 July 2012


Hello Friends...for I do hope, if you are out there, and reading, that we will become friends.  Even if it's with a veil of anonymity, and with the safety of a computer screen between us!

I've been impatiently waiting to begin writing here on the Blog!  I have so many ideas of things I would like to share, and stories to tell and so on.  But I have had to wait until today to have my internet connection completed.  I just moved to this lovely little home about two months ago.  But the move I made was MASSIVE!  From another country where I'd lived for just over 2 decades, back home to the beauty which is England. The move has gone well.  I've adjusted back into small village life, have my little job, a car, and now a flat.  But of course, a move like I made means that I arrived home with no furniture!!  So, as I didn't fancy sleeping on the floor, it was my first priority to get some furnishings!  That done, I could focus on other important things, like a phone, broadband, and stocking up my freezer!  Anyway, here I am now.  So happy to be sitting on my sofa, with the television on, the computer on the coffee table, with my fingers tapping away, and peace surrounding me.

As I sit here, I look towards the lounge window, which is open at the moment.  But the sky is looking ever more ominously grey and dark, so the threat of rain is looming.  Quite unlike last Sunday, which, although cool at times, was dry and pleasant enough for me to take a little picnic trip to a local beauty spot.

 There was a lovely view from where I sat, of the "pond", with the sail-boats.  I think it must be lovely in some ways to be on your own on a boat, with just the wind as your "engine", and with no other people around you.  But then, at the same time, I imagine it could get a little lonely as well.  I suppose this is my deep thought for the day, but do you know what I mean when I say that we're all in our sail-boats, gliding across the waters of our lives?  It all looks serene, but as we probably all know, the minute a storm comes up, we want more sails to be seen next to us, and the comfort of another human being. 
 I went for a short walk after a hour or so of sitting and just chilling out.  It had to be a short walk, because of the R.A.  I just didn't want to do too much and set my hips and knees on fire.  Which was a wise decision, as it turns out, because on Monday, I did have some pain.  But the distance I did walk, I adored!  This picture I took at the bank of the pond.  Again, there's those boats!  
 There's a bunch of benches around this area.  Each of them has something etched onto them.  And this one I just loved.  Let Nature Be Your Teacher.  What a lovely, gentle sentiment.  And what a lovely, gentle, NATURAL way to live.  When you stop and consider it, nature is really one thing you can't change (ie. the seasons, and the weather), and you cannot truly tame it (take for instance the lions and so on, whose "owners" think they are so tame, and are shocked when the animal just goes on instinct, and attacks)  and even our back gardens.  You can "control" your garden, but if left to itself, it will run riot with brambles and weeds and so on.  

Last of my photos from Sunday, I promise!  This swan just didn't want to go swimming for a little bit!  Oh no!  Let's just prune myself, and make myself even more of a beautiful swan, just to prove that I'm not an ugly duckling!  It made me wonder what he was really up to, because it seemed as though he was actually pulling out some of his feathers. 

Well, it really won't do for me to spend much more time browsing, or waffling on here.  A life still needs to be lived, and dishes from my dinner (it was pasta bake tonight) need to be washed.  Knitting is calling me, as is my book.     A repeat of a past Antiques Roadshow is on at the moment, and right now they are appraising a large china pig!  Beautifully painted with clover flowers all over him, but the poor pig's face looks so sad.  He is worth...wait for it... £3,000 - 5,000!!!  Amazing!

I wish you a peaceful evening.  A happy evening.  And I hope you will let me know if you've been here, and introduce yourself and your own Blog, if you have one!

Namaste, my friends. 

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