Friday, 27 July 2012

Love...and a couple of pics from home..

Hi there!

I really didn't have much idea of what to write about today, and then I looked through what I'd snapped with my camera, and well, let's see where this takes me!

I love hand made items in my home.  Most of them I've made myself..some have been gifts.  Rarely I've bought them.

These hearts were made my me at some time or another. They've hung in 4 different homes.  Three of those were in the States.  But now they live on a pretty stained glass door, which leads into my lounge.

Well, I say "my" lounge..we all know that the flat is rented...but it's still my little space to occupy until ... whenever!

The heart is, I think, the international sign for love, yes?  It seems that everyone knows it, whatever language you speak.

When I moved in here, I was happy for me, but a little sad for the couple who had just moved out.  They were splitting up.  The cats had been divided..what I mean is, one went to live with her, the other with they were topsy-turvied too...

On the first morning I was here, I found evidence that once they were happy.  On the bathroom mirror.  After my shower.

And I haven't a picture of this, but there was the unmistakable heart, which one of them had, at one time, drawn on with their finger.

I still haven't the heart to clean it off.

It's not just hearts that show love, is it.  Actions speak louder than words, that's what they say.  

So when I bake, and give cookies to my sister's family, or cake to this person or that person, it's also showing love, in my opinion, just as surely as if I were drawing hearts all over the place.

I've had fun setting up my little home.  Mainly I've been using car boot sale, charity shop, or cast offs to do so...but sometimes you have to break down and spend money, which is what I did for the mixer.

But it's already been worth its' weight in gold to me!

I've this weekend off duty, so I plan to be back out in my kitchen again... peanut butter cookies may be on the menu!


Not just romantic. 


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