Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Social Life

We all need at least one friend.  I am so fortunate to have many very good friends, both in this country and also in the other country in which I lived.

At first it was quite hard for me to get out and about when I came home to the UK.  But gradually I found people with whom I wanted to spend time with, and now I'm getting to have a vibrant network of people around me.

So, here's a couple of pictures from yesterday evening.
In a pub.
With my friend.
Laughing and chatting.
Smoking (well, my friend does, but not me)

And yes, that's my almost finished drink right here, and that's my current knitting project.  I'm hoping to have my "idea" completed so that it can be given as gifts soon.  This piece will be a placemat, and also I'm making matching coasters, and napkin rings.  Each set will be a different colour...can't you just see it?  A white tablecloth, with each place setting being a different colour?  Cheerful. Unique.

I promise to put more pictures up of my knitting, as progress is made.

My dear friend, whose face I deliberately left out of the picture, is also very busy with needles, hooks and yarn.  Here she's crocheting squares to put together for a blanket, and she's also busy knitting scarves, which she plans to give as Christmas gifts.

It really was a lovely evening.  Warm enough for us to sit outside in the pub garden.  Live music from inside the bar wafting out to us.  It was Irish Country Music last night.

We meet every two weeks.  I'm already looking forward to our next night out!

I hope you all have something special to look forward to in your social life also.

Namaste, my Blog Friends.

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