Sunday, 22 July 2012

Sunday's Scribble

When I began writing here 4 days ago... get that, friends... FOUR WHOLE DAYS!!  (too funny)...well, I promised myself that I would put something on here every day.

Well, today I have to tell you that normal programming is almost being broadcast again from my inner being.

Note I said...almost.

But whatever.  I've been to work.  I've tried my best.  Problem is that last night again, when I was home, and it was dark, and my head hit the mind didn't rest.  Consequently, neither did the rest of me really.  I think I was lucky if 3 hours of sleep occurred.  And now I'm absolutely shattered!  And unpleasantly dizzy.  I've a feeling that I need to drink some water, as it's a beautifully gorgeous day outside, and it may just be possible (coughs in embarrassed fashion) that I neglected my hydration!  How dreadful for a health care professional to say that.  

Following the end of my shift today, I went along to watch some lawn bowls.  The people are so nice and friendly.  I've been offered lessons in fact, and plan to go along on Tuesday evening to have a go! 

The sun is still shining even's about 8 pm, and I'm home.  The neighbours are grilling and it smells so good...I think I shall have to find some food myself now!  And then a bit of knitting, I think.  And then?  Sleep!
It's not a life of wild activity, but it's my little life, and I love it.

I hope your weekend has been wonderful.


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