Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Some pictures and words for you..

Because it's a quiet day at home for me, with rain falling outside and quite an autumnal nip in the air, I thought I'd spend a few more minutes here at the blog, and show you some of my photos from the past week.

I just love fuchsias.  The colours and the prettiness of each bloom make me even more sure that they are one of my most favourite flowers.  This one is hanging on the wall at the front of the house, and was so small when I first moved in.  Now it's healthy and quite lovely!  I hope that I might be able to help it over-winter indoors, so that next year it'll be even larger..but we'll see.

I'm quite a firm believer in the fact that gardens are just an extension of our inside rooms!  So, in my front and back gardens, you'll find little decorations popping up here and there.  This plaque was one of the last things I bought from a shop in the's resting against the front wall now, so as I (or my neighbour) leaves home, this is what we see.. 

This pig of mine is also quite happy living in the front garden.  I actually took this on Saturday afternoon, because it made me have a little laugh... have you noticed the snail going for a ride?  Fortunately, I haven't anything planted nearby which he would find terribly palatable.  

All of those pictures above were taken on Saturday actually, while I was waiting for my ride to a barbecue.  At that time it was warm, and sunny...and this was the sky....

....three quarters of an hour later though, the grey clouds rolled in, accompanied by threatening rumbles of thunder, and by the time we were ready to grill, well you guessed!  My friends' husband is quite the intrepid "chef" though and will NOT be thwarted!  The food was lovely too..

Indoors, on Sunday, I continued my mission to make a flat into "my" home!  Again, I bought this in the's not sticky like sellotape, but it has gone up on the wall above the bed just perfectly.  The quote is attributed to Thoreau.

And these last couple of photos I just took within the past hour!  The computer is set up in the kitchen most of the time.  The tablecloth has been "with" me for over 20 years, and is (silly me) one of my most treasured possessions really.  The wooden bowl with the calculator in it was made by my Dad, and the flowers I cut from the front garden a few days ago, and popped them into a white porcelain jug which I bought from a charity shop.  

And now I'm going to wish you all a lovely evening, head over to the kettle and boil some water, and then make myself some tea.. just love the convenience of this little kitchen shelf.. 

Namaste, friends

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