Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Another Wednesday ... another week...

...the days, and weeks, and months and years are going by so quickly for me these days...

Mostly, this past week I have struggled with pain.  I'm not's my lot in life, you know?  But it is a bit hard, to limp at work because my hip or knee is hurting, and get the looks from those around you.  That type of look which is saying (or at least you sometimes *think* they're saying):  "Why is that woman putting on that limp?  She's not got any injury.  She must just be trying to get out of working."

I think maybe, just possibly, I could be a little paranoid, huh?

Seriously though, walking is hard ... knitting has been bags after grocery shopping are just too much to handle...and so it goes when the RA flares up.


Life can ..and will.. still be good.

In other news...

A friend of mine had a bereavement in her family.  Her dear old grandfather, who lived to just past his 100th birthday.

And in his will, she was left many things, including his budgie..which she really doesn't want to adopt into her home!

First thing she said to me last night when I saw her was.. "Hey (my real name)!!  Don't suppose you want a budgie, do ya?"

And actually, as it happens...

YES!  I have been saving to get a cage and a bird!

So, soon I'll be an adoptive budgie mum.

I had a budgie in the States before I came home, and he had to be adopted out to one of my friends.  I've been missing him a lot, and had put out my wish to the universe, so this is a real answer to me.

Someone In Charge was listening!

And I'm happily expecting the new arrival in the flat!


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