Friday, 17 August 2012

Oh boy... that was a thought provoker...

During my life, I've been privileged to get to know many people, from many different backgrounds.  I'm enormously happy to say that I've friends who are Hindu, Buddhist, Christian, and Jewish. 
I've African and Indian friends.  Friends from Puerto Rica, Poland... 
I have some wonderful homosexual friends.  I have a friend who is lesbian.  I have straight and married friends, single friends..well, let's just say that I'm blessed with a beautiful and very colourful patchwork quilt of friends!  :-)

And it's my belief that ALL of us have a right to live respect and love each other... to treat each other fairly, and kindly.. and to have our own cultures, and beliefs, and STILL BE FRIENDS.

Still be able to share this world which we all live in.  

After all, we all bleed red. 

Well, you know.

So tonight, when BBC2 put on this movie, I watched it with tears, and the feeling of great sadness at the terrible and horrendous acts of years ago.

What also touched me is the fact that children don't have the prejudices and hatreds which their parents have.  It has to be "taught" to them by adults...

Oh, that we "grown ups" would learn how to be responsible teachers... yes, we have learned, I hope, from the atrocities of World War 2.  But let's not forget... let's not stop learning..

And let's teach love.
And peace.

When I left my marriage, I needed to do something which would mean something to me...something which no one expected me to do.

I can't quite explain that..but it was almost like marking the beginning of a new life..a new Me.  

Anyway, I have a small tattoo now.. it's the Chinese symbol for "hope".  

Hope for my future.
Hope for the future of all of us.

Hope for mankind. 

Namaste, my friends.  Let's teach the children well....

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